Sunday, 12 October 2014

Different tunes

The world would be a tragic place if we were all the same.

Imagine it. A world where all the families lived in houses and nobody lived in a caravan or tent or hut or just in the open. A world where we all wore similar clothes, perhaps even the same colours. A world where we all ate the same foods. A world where we all played the same music.

Blah! No new thoughts. Nobody would ever invent anything new. No new ideas. No poetry. No books. Nothing new.

I admit I am conservative. I do not like changes. I value things that work already for me. I drink from a cup and saucer because it gives me a certain feeling of connection to my heritage. Sometimes I drink from a mug, but not from a dipper, and never again from one of those cups with a hole in the lid. Conservative.

I use Facebook. I connect with just a few real friends and family that way. I also use it to learn about things happening in other parts of the world. New ideas, or at least new to me.

Today I was delighted to see these images from Bored Panda on Facebook. The artist is from Brazil I think.

I found the casual sex poster a bit confronting at first. Then I realised that what I dislike is not casual sex but irresponsibility towards sexual health. Personally I do not play the casual sex sport, but I know others do.
Marriage and childlessness - these do not bother me at all.
Sexual preferences has definite limitations in my mind, But the poster helped me clarify what those limits are.
Clothing - challenging. I do not like to see people wearing clothes that are not fit for the job. I do not feel comfortable seeing pregnant women in tight stretchy dresses. The bodies of the elderly do not look like the bodies of the young and I need to face that part of reality. But as for insulting people about the way they look! That is nasty indeed!

I wonder what others feel when they see these posters.

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