Monday, 13 October 2014


Just enough for two.
Tasmanian smoked salmon and real champagne.
When I saw the accountant for my income tax this year she indicated that I would receive a tax refund. And I did!!!!! Whoopee!!! We celebrated. Champagne and smoked salmon for breakfast. With a few other little treats.

I live on my superannuation and my husband's super. (Share and share alike around here.) And a tiny bit from tutoring. Not a big income but my needs are small. I do not have a Healthcare card or receive any Centrelink benefits whatsoever. No university scholarship. A totally self-funded retiree.
But, and this is a huge but, I pay tax on every cent that comes my way.
Some people's super pension is tax-free, but not mine or my husband's. I play according to the rules and pay tax on my tutoring income too. I swear, it feels like my taxes are supporting the entire nation at times. Yes, I realise it is not true; it just feels like it.

Oh, that real champagne tasted good. Thank you to the tax man.

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