Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lucky me

I am very lucky indeed.

I do some tutoring. The students who need a tutor often are having a rocky time either in school, at work, or in life generally. But they are choosing to improve the situation. I try to work with only adults but end up working with some children as well. (I do have all the right cards, Police checks, and qualifications for this, except for a formal TESOL certificate.)

One particular student is making quite good progress. M is a dear little girl and I really enjoy working with her. Her mother received a lovely letter from the school about little M's achievements this year.
Mum was so pleased she presented me with an arrangement of flowers. I am so touched. I am paid for this work, and still the family gives me flowers.

Such a nice thing to do; I just wanted to share that there are such lovely parents out there. And I am so lucky.

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