Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Another baby quilt

I have finished another baby quilt and it has already been received by the future parents of a much anticipated baby boy.

I felt I could not share a photo until the baby shower was over.  My contribution of a quilt is the standard gift our family makes for new parents. More children? No, no more quilts; just one per family is my limit.

For this quilt I used a tropical jelly roll for the top, described as batiks but really prints. My wonderful sister had sent this as a gift one year. The backing is a tan print of little leaves and flowers. The wadding is bamboo. Very serviceable, but not too warm. My quilting is improving, although those corners still annoy me.

My family is like a straggly garden plant, a rambler rather than a bush. Branches everywhere in all directions. New directions, sometimes crossing sometimes just enjoying the sun and breeze. This little boy will be a first cousin twice removed.

Yes, we really do organise our family relationships this way. Baby's grandmother is the first cousin of my husband. This means that my husband Michael and Cathy share a whole row of aunts and uncles and they also had two grandparents in common. This is where the first cousin part comes in. The new baby will be Cathy's grandson. So, two generations down the family tree are expressed as twice removed. First cousin twice removed.

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