Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Apron strings

Vintage bias binding
This should look straight
but I am a poor photographer.
I made a new apron for Christmas cookery. I am a messy housekeeper and need a big serviceable apron if I am to stay clean. One for general cleaning and another for cooking is the best plan.

The result is satisfactory but not fabulous. Why? The curve on the apron base needs to be much more pronounced. When I wear this apron it seems to droop a bit. A more curved base would have eliminated that problem.

I recycled an old red tablecloth that had a hole in it. The fabric is rather heavy gabardine. The frilly lacy has been hanging about for years. I found the vintage check bias binding at an op shop.

By not having any specific Christmas image on this apron I am hoping it will do double duty for Valentines day celebrations too. Two special occasions in our home.

My mother liked to dress us in red during the winter when we were children. She made us some lovely outfits. We looked well-dressed and loved.

Now, when I see a red fabric I recall my father-in-law delivering a lecture about wearing red. He informed me in no uncertain terms that only prostitutes ever wore the colour red. (Perhaps he had some personal experience in this area.) I was very upset at the time because I was wearing a red dress that I had made. I was a new bride and it was only the second time we had met. G was of course completely wrong, as he was about many things. I immediately threw that dress in the bin and I have rarely sewn anything red since. It has been more than 35 years. Some cuts are deep. I certainly never made anything red for my children to wear. Last Christmas I stepped over this emotional scar and made myself red pantaloon pyjama pants. This year the apron.
I wonder how G would react to the Santa Fun Runs?

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