Saturday, 13 December 2014

Good friends make life worthwhile

Yesterday I had morning coffee with my dearest friend. Lots of chit-chat, although it is called de-briefing these days. Of course we never gossip! We have seen each other through some shocking times and some good ones too over more than 30 years. Isn't it lovely that good friends can just trot along like that. I know secrets about her and she knows secrets about me and they remain completely confidential.

J works in a socially disadvantaged area with children who face huge challenges. She has never gone for any promotion due to her political values. J receives lots of criticism for devoting her life to such work and is accused of wasting her high IQ. (It's really high.) Her attitude is that these children really really need someone smart and highly skilled, more than a lot of other children do.
J is glamorous. She wears size 8 clothes still, in her sixties. Always lovely shoes, always the same brand, which you cannot buy here. Hair care and skin care are high on her list or priorities too. And cook! Yes, this is the person who taught me to use cognac in my Christmas cake instead of rum.

So we had really good coffee from beautiful bone china cups as we sat among her orchids. Total luxury.

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