Monday, 15 December 2014

Sitting pretty

I had not attached the little laptop table when this was taken.
It clips to the frame and folds away when not in use.
We have new chairs. Just two. One size for me and a larger size for my husband who is much taller than me. Goldilocks will not find a baby one though.

Our old lounge suite, a Tessa, was bought in 1980 and the chairs had been reupholstered once. It was nice when it was new, but not any more. One day we will replace the settee too. Tessa is a good Australian furniture manufacturer.

So we decided on these chairs which we saw advertised on TV.
The brand is Stressless and we chose leather because we deserve something luxurious now we have weathered small children and puppies.

Of course this furniture is not available here, so my husband found a shop that sells this brand when he went to Melbourne in September. These chairs were not in stock at the time so we had to wait for them to come from Norway. Then the shop staff assembled them from a flat pack and freighted them to us. Wonderful service. They really were very easy to deal with, even from far away.

Funny. I am not yet game to get any perspiration on my chair so it is covered in an old sheet for a while. Very bogan. Very senior citizen. I won't show that sight to you!!

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