Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lucky find

I took some old clothes down to the op shop. Naturally, I had to be polite and look around. It is all for charity and even one purchase might make a difference. What a lucky find!! A pretty little vase.

 The vase is about 10cm tall and seems brand new. The mark on the bottom tells me it was a well-considered gift. Probably given with lots of love. The maker is Aynsley and the design is Pembroke. It is a modern reproduction of an eighteenth century design.

Aynsley bone china comes from Staffordshire in England and the business was established in 1775. In 1861 they started producing the bone china wares that we know today. Here is a link to their website for a little dreaming. Here is another link which explains a little more why this china is valued.

I saw the same vase for sale on ebay for nine pounds. Now I am wondering why this vase was sent to the op shop. Perhaps someone is downsizing so they can move to an apartment. Perhaps someone died and no-one wanted this rather old-fashioned style of vase. Perhaps a marriage broke up and possessions were discarded. Perhaps it was associated with bad memories. Perhaps someone just did not like it. Now though it is in a happy home and can live a long and joyous life. And the charity is happy as well. At the moment the vase holds some dainty yellow orchids. Very pretty.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wise owl card

My husband had yet another birthday this week. I stitched this card for the wise owl in my life. It was really easy, but looks terrific.

I used two shades of brown but this design would look much better in contrasting colours. Some talented person could add beads.
Another talented person could tape a stick on the back to create a puppet.

Here is the link to the free downloadable pattern from Mr Printables.

Yes, I know it says this is for children, but sewing is just sewing no matter what age people are. No fancy equipment required.
Print the pdf onto light card. Cut out the motif roughly and with a big border. Jab holes with a pin. Thread the needle and tie a big fat knot that will not go through the holes. Sew. If you can not make a knot with the ends at the back, stick down the loose ends with sticky tape. Trim the outline. Do something with it, like make a card or puppet or crown or bookmark.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Menopause Friends

Are you at this age?
Is this already pirated from Disney? Someone must own the copyright, But I do not know who. If it is you, let me know and I will acknowledge it.

I wonder where Frumpy, Sports-car-y, Wrinkly, Coloured-hair-y, Sporty, Wine-drink-y, Tubby-tum-y, Holiday-girl-y, Crafty, Bright-clothes-y, Gossipy, Manicure-y, and Hilarity are. I found menopause to be a short trek to a very good future indeed. Soooooo much better than what it replaced.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Glenti 2014

Cypriot Community Dance Group Source: News Corp Australia
This weekend has been busy and fun around here. A mix of entertainments catered to all tastes. We went to the Glenti. It was expected that more than 50 000 people would attend and surely that was exceeded. A really well-run event.

Outside Greece, where do the most Greek people live? New York? No. London? No. Melbourne? Yes. There are more Greek people living in Melbourne than in any other city outside Greece. And Melbourne is usually cold and miserable at this time of year. Where else in Australia do Greek people live? The next largest population of Greek people in Australia is right here in sunny warm Darwin. Public holiday and long weekend? Yes, tick that box. Time to party! Ready for the invasion of Melbourne visitors!!!

The term Greek is used quite broadly here and encompasses other ethnic groups such as Cypriots. In Darwin the Greek community centres around the Greek Orthodox Church, St Nicholas, which also runs a Greek school on an out-of-hours basis. People speak Greek at home and English elsewhere.

The biggest rotisserie imaginable, maybe 4 metres long
and everything rotating smoothly.
The Darwin Glenti runs for two days and is held in beautiful Bicentennial Park in the city overlooking our tropical harbour. Jungly cliffs. Music. Lush lawns. Undercover tables and chairs. Side shows. Alcohol. Food. Free entertainment. Dancing. Music. Traditional costumes. Thousands of visitors, mainly from Melbourne. Interstate and International celebrities. No attendance fees. Participate or just watch. Profits are donated to charity.

Greek families work for months to have everything organised. You should see the barbeques!!! I took a photo of one, cooking lamb and pork. It was expected that around two tonnes of meat would be served over the weekend. Squid is popular. Fish and chips. Dolmades. Honey puffs. Salads. Absolutely gorgeous desserts and pastries. Greek wines, beer, and ouzo. Coffee. A good range of soft drinks and water. Most people do not mind paying solid prices for their dinner when they know that the profits are not lining anyone's pockets. Chips were $5 a serve and yiros $10 each. But the entertainment was free.

Loved it. Bought far too many pastries, take away style. I can guarantee that they were all delicious and superbly made.

Are these Greek people Australians? Yes. It is a mix that works well. Would you know a person was Greek just by looking at them? No. Do they all work in construction? No. Do all the old women wear black? No. It is possible to retire and have your Australian pension paid to you while you live cheaply in Greece. Or you can stay here where your friends are, where life is always good.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Last assignment is finished

This was me for weeks.
Head down, thinking, thinking.
I have been busy getting my last assignment completed for my university course. It's marked already. Not as good a result as I had hoped but I have passed the semester. I admit I am completely exhausted by the frantic effort.

A few things went wrong; but that is often how we learn. OK. I admit it. I ranted and raved about problems I had during the semester. Somebody else, probably the Professor I complained to, found some of this was warranted. Problems are now fixed. Even problems I thought were completely my own stupidity. Good result all round. Looking forward to studying more next semester. The Professor is fantastic.

I can not believe how hard I worked on the last two assignments. Absolutely nothing much else was happening around here but study.

My husband is also a student at the same uni and he also had assignments to complete. We just encouraged each other and focussed hard. Yes, frozen pies were eaten for dinner sometimes, but with real vegies. Meat pies and tomato sauce are good Aussie food. Traditional, in fact.

Flopping around exhausted. Thinking about sewing. Thinking about exercising. Thinking about cleaning. Only thinking, not doing yet.

I admit I have absolutely no idea where these pictures come from. I am very impressed by them both and they have kept my spirits high this semester.  The Keep Calm probably comes from HERE. The owl looks Disney-ish.