Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Another quilt

I try to keep a record of the quilts I make.
On Christmas Eve we went to a Christmas luncheon at the NT Herbarium. My husband volunteers there two mornings each week. He chats to me about the staff and he knows them quite well. So at the lunch I met some of the volunteers, some staff that I did not know, and said g'day to others I had not seen for a while.
I met Nick, one of the botanists, and his wife Kylie. Kylie certainly looked as if she had swallowed an enormous pumpkin. In conversation she mentioned that their baby is due on 8th January.

For Christmas my husband gave me some quilting fabrics and a lovely book of designs. Oh, yes! I began planning a quilt for Nick and Kylie's baby.
I overestimated my skills and openly admit that the first few sets of plans did not actually work.
Finally I had a small quilt of many coloured strips, not all the same width. A very simple design. To me it looks a bit like Joseph's Coat of Many Colours. Not soft pastels, but colours that would suit a young child who is probably going to spend quite a lot of time outdoors. No pinks. No blues. Can you visualise it in a tent? Stargazing? At a concert? Around a campfire?
Yesterday it was presented to the future Dad.
I think it is important that new parents feel a connection to a supportive network. I still have the baby blanket crocheted by my sister more than thirty years ago for our first child. It still means such a lot to me, that someone would go to such an effort for my family. I hope that Nick and Kylie feel this too. Parenting is not easy.

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