Sunday, 4 January 2015

For the garden

It is overcast and wet. Dull.
So I took myself to one of the local the garden centres. Lovely, lovely. So relaxing.
Allora Gardens Nursery

While I was there I saw these rather large garden ornaments. They are all life size.
The gorilla would look marvellous among the palms and ferns.
The croc is particularly realistic. About 3 or 4 metres long and just as I would see in the wild here. Had to look twice! Actually the garden centre had four different crocodile ornaments and they were all excellent.
Yes, I could see myself with one of the dogs. Or both. Not this time though. Can you imagine the reaction of a visitor?

Of course transporting any of them home was out of the question, so I must be satisfied with photos.

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