Sunday, 25 January 2015

Needles and threads

I am sewing again. Odd, very odd, threads are collecting on the mats.

It is raining, cloudy and shadowless for most of the time. Indoors looks great.

Officially I am making another baby quilt. Unofficially I am surfing the net, browsing recipes, reading a fascinating biography, and giving my mind a rest. Huh!

Have you seen this blog   Beedeebabee

It is written by Paulette who does a bit of needlework. Particularly, rather wonderful brooches. The photos here are directly from that blog.
Inspiring. I thought I might try my hand at making something like these one day soon. I could change the fabrics, change the sizes, adapt but not steal.

Blogging is so good for the spirit. Blogs are like the biggest picture book ever produced. There is such a mixture of people who write about their lives. From my own little flat I can see the ideas of people all over the world. No uncomfortable introductions necessary. One day I feel dull, and the next I find someone who fills me with determination. A Healthy attitude is restored and all is well in the world.

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