Monday, 5 January 2015

Very grumpy and hideously bad tempered

I am feeling quite annoyed today and doing my best (?) to retain just a small amount of clear thinking. It is not working.

This is the computer table for the Stressless chair.
This photo is from the Stressless catalogue.
When we bought our lovely new chairs recently there was also a computer table that attached to one chair. There have been numerous problems with this table.

The furniture is Stressless. The chairs are wonderful. It is only the table that is causing a problem. This lounge furniture was a big purchase for us and I am angry that the table, or something associated with the table, is not up to standard.

Each one of these chairs cost almost double what I paid for my first new car. Yes, that was a long time ago! The little table cost as much as a weekend away at a nice hotel these days. When I think about how long I had to work and save just so we could have something really luxurious I get quite agitated. Quite annoyed. Screaming furious.

The little table bounces when I use my very light laptop. The table will not fold away like it is supposed to. The instructions are in pictures both on paper and on Youtube. I need more. I have tried over and over to fix the problems. Now the metal is burred and rough. There is one tiny little button in a groove on the arm. My fingers can not press it because it is too small.

Today we have made several phone calls to Melbourne and Sydney. Phone calls back again from those businesses. Numerous internet searches. Advice has been given over the phone and I have followed it. I am not sure yet if I will demand a replacement table.

The company we dealt with is Berkowitz Furniture in Melbourne. The salesman seemed very nice indeed at the time. No receipt was issued. No guarantee was supplied.

After several phone calls my husband attempted to register the warranty on the furniture. He was not able to do that successfully. I am not sure how to deal with that either. My husband has two Masters Degrees and a PhD. How could the registration be so hard?

Would I recommend the same product or the same business to anyone else? NO. NO. NO. NO.

Why whinge and whine on my blog? Because we all need to realise that somewhere out there, somewhere in the world is another person battling to solve silly problems. If it is your turn tomorrow then you can know I probably survived this. But I am still cranky!!

I am really hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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