Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wet days are made for reading

Better than most.
It's the Wet Season. The Monsoon. Love it. Lazy days.

At last, the days are not as hot as before Christmas. Occasional glimpses of blue sky. Big, heavy clouds.
Not good weather for drying the washing. Horrors! We used the clothes dryer! Hmmm.

There are a couple of other drawbacks, but the positives definitely outweigh them.

Time to make my own sunshine.

Great weather for reading. Just finished these two novels. One old and one new. Both relaxing. Thankfully the books are better than my photos of the covers.

I really enjoyed this.
I was given the Bones book and doubted I would enjoy it. Wrong! I think this is the best one yet - and I have read quite a few of Kathy Reichs's novels. Some do not appeal to me. The television series has barely a passing resemblance to the characters and scenes in the novels. The TV series degenerated into a foolish soap. Bah. I can not imagine Bones of the Lost on the screen.

The Patricia Cornwall book was bought in an emergency from one of the op shops. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for someone. Lucky me! The op shop has hundreds of books. They may be discarded but the words still work. Cruel and Unusual is the second in the Scarpetta series. Easy reading. No brainwork involved. The baddie was not the character I expected. I enjoyed that too.

The writing styles are very similar. So are the stories. But simple creature that I am, I appreciate that the goodies win and the baddies lose. Some violence of course. No bad language. No racism or anything like that - well, not that I have noticed.

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