Sunday, 22 March 2015

Operation Slipper parade

This was the action at the corner outside my home yesterday morning.

Men with machine guns, helmets, body armour, sniffer dogs, and mine sweeping equipment. Helicopters roared low overhead.

There was a reason.

This was at the beginning of the welcome home parade to mark the end of Operation Slipper.
Thousands of soldiers, sailors, and airmen marched through the city streets. Various dogs who work in war zones. Massive trucks. A band. Fat, thin, young, old, and medals galore on their chests. The entire parade sent shivers through my body. Just incredible.

Great crowd. There was an official ceremony in the middle of the CBD with the commanding officers taking the salute.
At the end an enormous celebration was held at the cenotaph. Lots and lots of families celebrating the brave efforts of mums, dads and others who fought in Afghanistan on behalf of our country. More speeches. Bugles. Flags. Very respectful, but still family-friendly.

The following photos are from Nine News Darwin, one of the local television news services.

School children displayed banners. This was just one school, there were more.

A small section of the Army contingent.

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  1. I am learning so much about Darwin from your blog. The darndest events seem to occur there. Loving today's post.


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