Saturday, 25 April 2015

Anzac Day 2015

It's Anzac Day.

We have all been a little cautious. So far so good. Guards everywhere through the night and today. Alert but not alarmed, I suppose. We have a big military presence here, including about a thousand US Marines at present.

I was up early to be part of the dawn service at our local cenotaph. This photo was snapped by Fiona just before the choir began singing. The Army band is behind Nora.

This photo of a US Marine is from

There was a huge crowd and many stood under the trees, estimated at 10 000 people. Maybe more.
Afterwards Mary took this photo of the display of handmade poppies that decorated the area. Later this will be part of a War Museum exhibit.

In Melbourne the display of handmade poppies is staggering. It covers Federation Square.

This photo is from

I watched a wonderful parade through the centre of Darwin this morning. So big and impressive. It took 40 minutes for everyone to march past us. That is BIG. A tiger moth flew over, and a harvard. And three fighter jets. Two big Army helicopters patrolled above us throughout the parade. At the conclusion the New Zealand sailors did a fantastic haka right in front of the official dais. I wish I had a photo of that! Awesome.

My friend Mick took the following photos of the parade.

Two of these tiger helicopters flew over.

Now there is a cheerful party at the RSL about 200 metres away. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Tonight is our concert. A very full day.

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