Thursday, 25 June 2015

Funny, but close to the truth

I sing second alto with quite a big choir. We are all volunteers of course. Lots, but not all, of our music is European sacred choral music that was written for ceremonies in cathedrals. Our musical director is the daughter of missionaries. That says something about her musical selections. But the tunes are glorious. And the effect of the sound of all those voices and instruments bouncing off the walls is breathtaking.

We sing a lot of hymns because we are often needed so that a ceremony will be more impressive. I like most hymns due mainly to a long history of church attendances, Anglican high church with wonderful organists. The one tune can be used for a dozen different hymns and that actually makes the entire learning and performing process much easier.

Another aspect of singing in a choir is that we sit and watch the pages while we rehearse. Bad boys and girls! Watch the conductor! Heads up! Watch. Did you see what I was telling you? Get your nose out of the book and watch me. Do not slouch! The conductor or the director inevitably gets a trifle irritated.

Perhaps you are familiar with the tune to Immortal, Invisible. This is an easy hymn to sing. If you read the words aloud you will almost have the tune, as it is so close to the rhythm of normal speech. Maybe add a descant here or there. Unison for this verse. Harmony for that one.

Some wit (read twit) has played with the words to illustrate the behaviour of choirs. It fits my choir exactly. My friend sent me this photo and I laughed for ages. No, I do not know who is responsible and I doubt that they will own up.

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  1. I can relate to these words as a conductor, singer and organist.
    What s clever take on choirs.


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