Monday, 29 June 2015

Phil's Apple and Prune Jam

Today I made a batch of Phil's apple and prune jam. I hope I did it correctly because it was awfully easy.

Who is Phil? Phil Pogson writes a blog called House of Simple over at Recently he recounted making this jam. Very few ingredients. Just my style. Thank goodness for the internet and generous bloggers.

Where is the recipe?

Have I made jam before? Actually I have made rosella jam twice, only one of those attempts being a success. The first time I used too much sugar and cooked it too long. Toffee in a jar. Bah! And I had hiked through the bush to collect those rosellas. So, I have learned to actually follow the recipe and not to be too creative.

I ended up with four and a half small jars of apple and prune jam. The red lid at the back is hiding the half-full jar.

I made the labels to fit clear adhesive packing tape. I try to label my homemade chutneys with the date and the ingredients, just in case something happens. Followed the plan. I do not remember where I got my label template but you can find some at this link. Use labels in Word so you can type it once and just print.

Next week I have someone coming to stay so I need to look like the uber-housewife again. This should help. Thanks Phil.

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