Thursday, 20 August 2015

Chamber Orchestra

Waiting for the moment.
No fancy sets.
No sitting down on the job.
Stand up and play!
It is the Darwin Festival this month. Lots to see, do, hear, eat, etc.

Last night we went to hear ACO2 which consists of the young rising stars of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Fantastic!!! They played violins, violas, cellos, and a double bass.

Some members of the group did a free lunchtime concert in Raintree Park in the CBD yesterday. And the crowd was spellbound. Homeless to high income - we love a bit of music here and appreciate different styles and genres.

The Darwin Entertainment Centre was packed for this one night only show. Hi vis shirts were swapped for the good stuff. Bring out the pearls, girls. Luckily I had bought our tickets a few weeks earlier and we had excellent seats close to the stage.

The show was called Best of British and consisted of pieces composed in Britain by a variety of well-known composers. Here is a link to the program and a bit of information.

The director and lead violin was Alexander Sitkovetsky. He played with enthusiasm and leadership. Obviously this man lives and breathes, laughs and cries, string music. What a performer; but he never squashes the people playing alongside him. Everyone travels together, joyously.

The best, the absolute knock-your-socks-off best, piece was the Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge. You do not have to be a violinist to appreciate this composition by Benjamin Britten. It's long, technically difficult, and a piece to be seen not just heard.

If you get the chance to attend one of their concerts then do it.

I have copied this photo from the website I mentioned above.

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