Friday, 28 August 2015

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Did you get yours?
Have you finished yet?
No, I am definitely not finished this installment in the Millennium saga.

I have enjoyed the three books by Stieg Larsson and hope to enjoy this as well.
It is looking like a good weekend.
And yes, the book came with a matching dilly bag.

Update: Finished reading The Girl in the Spider's Web. The plot is absorbing. Most of the book is just what I had hoped. But ... it takes about 100 pages to get down to business. There seems to be a lot of explanation of characters that is quite slow and irritating. Long, clumsy sentences. I've had a lot on my mind so did not stay up all night reading. Lisbeth Salander's character has been developed in a new direction, leading to interesting future possibilities. Would I recommend it? Yes. Now that the new writer has found his path I am keen for a few more episodes.

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