Monday, 3 August 2015


Our beloved cat Lexi has passed away.
She was very ill.
We gave her the very best care that we could, but
This photo was taken quite a long time back, when she was healthy.
Lexi was actually our son's cat but she had lived with us for eleven years.
Our's is officially a pet-free building so Lexi was supposedly only visiting.
Lexi brought us much love and companionship. We were indeed lucky to have had her in our family.


  1. Sorry to hear that! Farewell, beautiful cat.

    Having lost two greatly-loved old pets this year, I share your pain and the sense of loss when that companion is gone.

    1. Two losses. Heart shattering. I think I feel these things much more deeply now I am older. I don't know what changes, maybe it is an accumulation of life experience. My wish for you is that you grow stronger and carry your caring and compassionate spirit forever. Our pets give us something special while they are alive and also afterwards.

  2. She was a very handsome cat indeed.

  3. Our cat is meant to be an outside cat (pfft). Farewell Lexi


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