Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Living luxury

Veronique Serrett
I copied the photo from the dso website.
We went out again! Another classical concert!
Aaah, yes, but this was different.

The Darwin Symphony Orchestra  (website has always been volunteers, but this year we have a special concert master. Who? Veronique Serrett.
Who? The most talented and most capable violinist in Australia, that's who. And she sure does not look like a traditional lady violin player either.

The concert was called "Realm and Resonance" and the idea was to hear music which is strongly representative of certain cultural groups. The conductor, Matthew Wood, introduced each piece with an explanation of who what when where and why. Good idea. There is so much floating around inside my brain that sometimes I do not automatically catch the right bits. I needed that help.

The concert started with Finlandia. Sibelius created a dream and the orchestra did it well.
This was followed by Romanian Folk Dances collected and notated by Bartok. Wonderful.
Next was Tzigane by Ravel, played by Veronique Serrett. OK. This piece was deliberately written to be the most difficult piece ever for the violin and was a personal challenge from Ravel to his friend d'Aranyi. There is a long section by the soloist and then a shorter section that includes the orchestra. The violinist appeared. I was a little surprised. Barefoot. Half head shaved. Attitude. We were spellbound. She knew her job!

After interval Veronique joined the orchestra as first violinist. Now wearing highest of heels and trousers. More rockstar than traditional, and most of the ladies playing that night were big on black lace.
We heard Sculthorpe's Sun Music. That's not my favourite, but it is good to see (hear) orchestral music stretched and arty.
We finished with Suite Algerienne by Saint-Saens.

So who was in the audience? Not a lot of tattooed bikies. A range of ages, including babes in arms. Rich, poor, old, young. Dressed up, dressed casually.
Who was in the orchestra? A range of ages. Not a lot of tattoos. Rich, poor, young, old.
The concert was really accessible and we paid only $20 each. Some people paid more, and got nothing more than we did for the extra money. The venue was fabulous - Darwin Convention Centre. Every seat is a good seat.

The concert was absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute, even the Sculthorpe.

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