Sunday, 20 September 2015

Run, walk or just stagger!

The course for the famous Mitchell Street Mile
Today is a big day around town. It's the Mitchell Street Mile!!!

Yes, if only you were here you could be competing in the richest purse of any road footrace in Australia. There is a prize pool of $35 000.

Competitors have arrived from all over Australia and some from overseas. One from Japan looks to be the most likely winner in her section.

There are nine different categories so everyone can enjoy themselves. Would you like to be in the Fancy Dress race? 12 years and under? Defence Force? You only have to cover the distance, you know, because of the hundreds of competitors only one will win each section.

The weather is fabulous - sunny, tropical breeze, low humidity. The course is right in the middle of the city and the whole event is in the cool of the late afternoon. Lots of spectators to cheer and encourage everyone. Run, walk, or stagger - a mile is not far.

Am I a competitor? Not this year.

This is the link where you can find out all the interesting stuff. And it is where I found the map which I have posted here.

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