Sunday, 18 October 2015

2015 Solar Cars

Today was the beginning of the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Awesome.
I really enjoy these solar car events.

The cars started this morning from Parliament House and drove through the city, out onto the highway, and headed for Adelaide. The first car was the Stella Lux from the Netherlands.
There are 46 cars from 25 different countries.

One car is so good it is already registered to be used as a normal car on normal roads in Europe.
Several of the cars are suitable for passengers.
This unusual car was from Cambridge.
What a huge development this is from the early days when school students worked on the cars and they were not much more than bicycles. This race was first held in 1987. The course is 3 000 km long. The cars are fragile and have to be transported long distances so a big support team is required. They are permitted 6 square metres of solar panels and must complete the course on solar and kinetic energy. One car has a system of batteries so it can store the solar energy and then use it to continue after dark.

Yesterday we went out to Hidden Valley Raceway to watch the teams tinker with their vehicles and to watch some of the time trials.
I took rather a lot of photos but will post just a few. There are many support people involved in this exercise as you can imagine. And lots of spectators like me.

Lots of taking apart and tinkering.
There is no way I would ever even consider sitting in a tiny cabin under the blazing sun all day and then camping by the vehicle overnight. What inspires these young engineers?

I am not good at posting photos so these might be strung out a bit.


  1. Fascinating! It would have been interesting to see the cars in person.

  2. I always like seeing what kind of cars the kids can dream up today that actually work. I am like you I don't think I would like to sit in a small place under the sun today. I don't like to be in a small room with the door shut very long. I feel closed in. I have enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

  3. Why so ugly? With that shape and temperament normal citizens will never want one. Someone needs to whack these inventors with a practicality stick.

  4. Louise, you expand my world - here am I still on the winding bumpy roads of Ireland with police on all sides looking for laundered diesel. I am so pleased to see this brave new future.

  5. They look quite futuristic to me. I suppose our roads will look different in the future.

  6. These vehicles are like science experiments. It is about what is learned through practical application of theory and technology. We are all benefiting from the advances in solar technology and this is one of the ways that technology is developed. If you saw them all year after year you would understand how the combination of solar plates and aerodynamics has improved too. Perhaps you remember the clunky old solar plates on our roofs in the 1970s. Solar cells are much more efficient now, and more flexible. Some of the cars actually look quite like normal cars now yet still cost little to run and make very little noise.


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