Friday, 9 October 2015

Home and happy

We are home. Wonderful home. Happy home.

What's so good?

Yes, I cut the cake while it was still too warm
and that is why it looks a bit shabby.
The no-recipe cake still tastes delicious with a cuppa.
For a start I do not wear shoes at home unless I am going out. Like most locals we take our shoes off and on at the front door. Going out shoes are sandals of course. Shopping shoes are thongs. Gym shoes are sneakers, but actually I hardly ever remember to go to the gym. My feet are happy, happy, happy. Feel those cool tiles and soft carpet.

Happy cooking. Made a cake. Yes, I know if I eat cake I will not get any slimmer; but I still made one. Made a giant-sized casserole and stored the extra in the freezer. Happy, because we can have a home-cooked meal without any stress or shopping next week. That might go with the home-made bread that is hidden alongside the casseroles.

Happy studying. Oh, dear, very little study was done while we were away. Coulda, shoulda, but didn't. We were both really tired from all those emotions. Now I am relaxed I can make a determined effort with another assignment. Must keep that old brain functioning.

Happy looking at the busy ships on the harbour. Fishermen going out to try their luck. Big ships. Tugs. Sailing boats.

It looks quiet and relaxing, doesn't it?
Late afternoon light.
It is officially the Wet Season now. The night we arrived home the rain poured down. 82mm in our area in just a few hours. Lovely.


  1. welcome home! It sounds as though you hit the ground running - barefoot :)

  2. My mother had a saying, "East, west, home's best." It's true.

  3. I was still in Darwin that rainy day. Wasn't it great.
    You made me laugh about the shoes. Anywhere else in the world I am a dress shoe person. Here in the NT not so much.
    I think my boots are in mum's closet in Adelaide.


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