Sunday, 11 October 2015

Miniature knitting

I have a friend with a dolls' house. Not a child's doll house, but a beautiful creation with handmade accessories. Wendy has made some of the furniture herself, including the sofa she upholstered with pieces of a kid glove. She has stitched carpets, clothing, curtains, and quilts in miniature. Beautiful, and a testament to her craft skills.

I saw this video and thought some of you may be as fascinated as I am by this world of creating things on a very small scale. Garments like these are in Wendy's doll house, on dolls and in the wardrobes.

This website is fascinating.
Althea Crome knits in miniature and has patterns for sale.
Here are some photos of her work (from her website).

One of these days, When I have time (!!!) I will investigate this more. I might even finish the tiny bag I started about ten years ago as a kit. Can I do it? Maybe. Wendy wears a magnifier on a headband so she can see her own work. Many things are possible.

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