Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Satellite images

Have you seen these images?
This is one Himawari-8 image.
You can see that the detail is much better than in the photo below.

There is a Japanese satellite, Himawari-8, which broadcasts real-time images of our planet. These can be used for weather forecasting, for determining sailing conditions, emergency services, and for agricultural purposes. There are doubtless other uses, but I do not really know what they are.
The images from Himawari-8 are much more detailed than those from the Bureau of Meteorology satellite MTSAT-2. There is also about fifty times more data  associated with these images than has previously been available. (Yes, I am a bit lost within all the science and technology here.)

Go to this site and have a look. It is worth trying all the little buttons and options. Have fun!

The photos here are from that website.

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