Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Busy with Christmas

It has been a busy week and now I am relaxing. Aaaahhh.

The Chorale provided some light entertainment at the Somerville Community Services Christmas party on Thursday night. It was a delightful party for some really deserving people. The Somerville clients are all disabled, some very disabled indeed. The organisation is terrific in the way they provide support for their clients, carers, and families. This is a local charity begun by Margaret Somerville who as a young woman rescued more than a hundred children at the beginning of World War II and managed to get them all to Sydney travelling overland. The great work goes on, helping without any expectation of reward or acknowledgement. Nowadays of course there are professional paid staff as well as the volunteers. Each year they hold a Christmas party in one of the function rooms at Parliament House and one of the politicians picks up the tab. We sang well known carols, as did the Sing Song Signers. A small group of clients presented a small nativity play. Some presentations and speeches rounded out a happy occasion. A truly joyous event.

The choir and the ensemble.
Whoops, and a techie arranging something behind us.
Here is just one of the lovely painted windows
on the western wall.
The afternoon sun  shone through.
Then on Sunday The Darwin Chorale had our Christmas concert. Many weeks of earnest rehearsing resulted in a perfect show. St Mary's Cathedral was packed even though it was mid-afternoon and the temperature was around 35. Yes, with high humidity too. (No air-conditioning in this cathedral.) I loved every minute. People passing by crept in to listen (without paying). It's true, sweaty people covered in tattoos and looking like they have not seen a bath in days still love beautiful music.
Our concert, The Voice of Christmas, included soloists, small groups, the entire choir, and orchestral pieces. Thank you Saint-Saens for your beautiful Christmas Oratorio. Wonderful stuff. After the interval the tone was a bit lighter with carols and Christmas songs from a few different countries. It does seem rather special when you sing with the harp. Then the rousing Hallelujah Chorus out of Handel's Messiah. Oh, yes, Christmas!

These photos were not taken by me at all but have been shared by friends. I was busy singing!!

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  1. Hi Louise. Just realised looking at your photo that in the back row is my sister Christine Smith. Small world cheers Sue Fergusson


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