Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Fabulous evening

Sing Song Signers on the left and Fiona singing.
Our Carols by Candlelight show was wonderful. In past years I have been in the audience. I have watched similar shows on TV. But ... the experience of being on stage for the night was completely different. If you ever have such an opportunity grab it.

My awfully blurry shot.
The horses and the officers were decorated  for Christmas.
We had an audience of over 7 000 people; an incredible effort really for a town of about 90 000. Suburbs around town and nearby towns are also running Carols nights, so this shows the community is really involved in delivering the best possible Christmas to the maximum number of people.

One of the local television people acted as compere, and Johnathon Uptin, you did a great job.

Well done, Johno
Standing off stage while Fiona Wake sings
The mounted Police were there - no illegal drugs were in evidence as far as I know. Private security guards were also in attendance. There is a lot of valuable equipment at a show like this.

The Kiwanis clubs ran food and drink stalls.

Every audience member was issued with a battery operated candle and a song book as people came through the gates. People had brought solar lights, torches, glow sticks, headbands with lights, and even real candles to add to the festivities. After dark the scene was really pretty.

Thank you to the Kiwanis
As people came in they could write their name on a raffle ticket. A winner was drawn and won a Samsung tablet. What a generous sponsor! One lucky winner was very pleased.

Another sponsor provided free polo shirts for every choir member, designed by Peter Morrissey no less.

As the night became dark the audience waved their candles. I've seen on TV when this happens the artist of stage says it is wonderful. I thought this was just showmanship. No! From the stage it is incredible. Wow! Black with stars moving. Get yourself on stage and see it for yourself.

Ambrose was just one of the many talented performers
One gorgeous part was when we sang Silent Night. The first verse was by a soloist singing in Greek. The next soloist sang in Tagalog. The third soloist sang in Indonesian. Beat that Myer Music Bowl!

The program was a combination of traditional carols and modern Christmas songs. Really engaging. And Santa appeared, of course, after Jingle Bells.

After the concert we had fireworks. And fireworks, And fireworks. For twenty minutes. Someone was a wonderful sponsor. Can you imagine how many huge sparkly things can be in the sky over twenty minutes? We sat there like a bunch of dills with our mouths open in awe. (Good thing there were no flies to come in.)

Some of these photos are mine are some were taken by my friends and given to me.

Gawking at the fireworks
As I said before, if you get the chance to be on stage as part of any Carols night outdoors, just do it.


  1. That soudns liek a very special evening - Happy Christmas to you and yours...


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