Sunday, 17 January 2016

Miss Fisher Marathon

Miss Fisher to the rescue!

My complete set.
I have some unfinished projects lying around, and hidden in many places. Of course I hide some - otherwise I might feel guilty about not finishing. Out of sight, out of mind. In keeping with everyone's New Year Resolution of being a better person than previously, I decided to tackle at least one.

How to make the task more enjoyable? Easy! A Miss Fisher Marathon was the solution.

Netflix? No. TV? No. DVDs? Yes. For Christmas I was lucky enough to get three DVDs of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. (Thank you, darling.) The TV series is based on books by Kerry Underwood and I have enjoyed several of these. The TV shows are much simpler but still relaxing, light entertainment. Phryne Fisher is played by Essie Davis, and the entire cast are good multi-talented actors. A couple of times there has been some dancing and both Nathan Page and Essie Davis dance together very well indeed. You can easily recognise Miriam Margoyles, Aunt Pru, as Professor Sprout from the Harry Potter films. The costumes are lovely and the sets are often in well known buildings around Melbourne. A feast for the eyes. A rest for the brain.

Have I finished anything? One knitting project, that could become someone's birthday present during the year. One crazy patchwork piece that should have been completed before Christmas is coming along quite nicely now.  The quilt is slow progress. Miss Fisher is needed to sashay through my home for a few more hours yet. A pleasure.

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