Thursday, 14 January 2016


Look at the beautiful orchids that arrived today.
So lovely. There are at least twelve spikes.

These are from my husband's sister and her family. It is exactly what my rather stressed husband needed.

A few months back Michael had a tumour removed from his neck. Then he raced away to visit his dying older sister. The pathology report said that not all the tumour was removed and further surgery was urgent. Done. Then before that could heal he had to travel to the bedside of his sister again.The wound tore open and just will not heal. The surgeon is away on a trip. Every second day my husband has to drive to the surgery and have the dressing changed. Over the holiday period I did it, and it was challenging. The heat, the humidity, daily activity, perspiration - all are defeating the healing. So this little surprise of beautiful flowers is most welcome.

The delivery was done by a little boy, about ten years old. He knew exactly what to do and was very well spoken. I guess he was helping his Dad and Mum during the school holidays. They were waiting in the car outside. It was really sweet.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Sorry to hear about the on-going medical situation. Hope the surgeon is back soon and can sort it out, or that the wound heals up quickly of its own accord.

  2. You are very kind, Vireya. I think that older people often experience difficulties with wounds healing or not healing. Perhaps it is associated with taking some medications. Perhaps it is just something to do with aging. I am very thankful that this is all happening while my husband does not need to be at work though.

  3. What a nice gift of lovely flowers. Sorry to hear about your husband's trouble with the wound not healing. I hope he will be able to get further surgical help soon if it does not heal by itself.

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    2. Thank you for your lovely words. I am grateful for some support in dealing with my husband's wound. It has become considerably worse since I wrote this post. On Monday his regular GP will be back at work. Not sure when the specialist comes back though. I am hopeful.


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