Sunday, 24 January 2016

Short sharp storm

We had a short sharp storm this morning. Lots of lightning when I got up but the storm did not hit until after six. Extreme winds. It is worrying when storms strike while it is dark and I can hear but not see what is happening.

Six or seven of my potplants blew over; some came right out of their pots. The chairs blew around, one for about four metres. The doormat travelled even further. The folded clothesline ended up behind some plants. Fortunately the table stayed upright and nothing disappeared over the verandah railings.

As I walked to the shop I noticed quite a few branches had snapped and come down from the street trees.

I put a bit of time into cleaning, tidying, repositioning etc this morning. Potting mix certainly spreads. At least this is a reminder and an opportunity to prune and repot. Actually that'll be fun. Off to the hardware store for supplies.

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  1. Glad nothing went over the edge! You are obviously a long way up, so must get some interesting views of storms when they happen in daylight.


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