Monday, 11 January 2016

Women try far too hard

I think I created it myself.
Was I working too hard or
not hard enough?
Today started brilliantly. But somehow it has become something else. I suspect I was trying too hard and lost sight of the goal posts. Women often do try too hard. We plan too much for each day and then work until we are exhausted. That's when the mistakes appear.

The dishwasher died. So off I went to choose a new one. Catalogues. Product reviews. Various shops. Look. Listen. At last I was satisfied and stood at the counter to make my purchase. "Sorry, that model will not be available in Australia for another six weeks. Then we will get it here for you. After that you should have it within a week." I imagined storms at sea, train derailments, floods, road accidents, cyclones. "What else do you have?" "I can do you a deal on this model that is on the floor. I'll give you the same price." "Yes please." Wonderful deal. It should arrive tomorrow and can be installed by the end of the week. Can you hear me cheering? Well I am.

I must have been too excited because after that there was a steady decline in levels of both competency and satisfaction. Is this a performance review?

"No, we have no record of that appointment." I have been attempting to solve some superannuation problems. It can be quite confronting. Years ago it seemed so simple, but something changed while I was gazing elsewhere.Try again. Try harder. Yet another appointment has now been scheduled.

Could not find a vital document to go with a job application. It was a good part-time job that would have fitted very neatly with my tutoring. Perfect fit actually. Then I missed the deadline for the applications. I suspect the online application form was taken down about three hours too early, but once it is gone, it's gone. I must never make that mistake again.

Never mind, now I have more time to learn to quilt a bit better. The quilt pattern from Christmas is worth the effort. Sewing is always a wonderful consolation - soothing and energising at the same time. I shall console myself. I will console myself. (Did you spot the different cases when using shall and will? Subjective and imperative, said the tutor.)
I must let myself off the hook and be glad that I have so many opportunities.

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