Monday, 22 February 2016

Reused fabric

I found a lovely piece of heavy fabric at my local op shop.

At the time it was made into a couple of bolster covers, but my trusty unpicker soon changed that. It had been cut in half but you can see that the full width of the fabric was still there.

A bit of a wash and I found that this furnishing fabric is in a Swedish design called Patricia by Linda Svensson Edevint. This had been sold through Ikea stores world wide but is no longer available. The design is similar to traditional indigenous designs from northern Australia.

I am really pleased with the bag I made using this fabric. It is large enough to carry all the bits and pieces I need for tutoring. And ... it still looks like a simple shopping bag.

I incorporated lots of pockets, and that was a bit of a learning experience too. Little pleats do not always improve a pocket, unless of course it is to hold a fat dictionary. Pockets for workbooks, computer, phone, keys, and more, in different sizes. I used different colours for the pockets to help me remember what goes where.

I still need to add some binding to those side seams. I tried having those seams in one of the partitions but then the bottom of the bag was lumpy. The bottom is reinforced and the handles go underneath as well so that nothing pulls or drags. The yellow flowers face upwards on both outer panels.

In the wet weather I do not want to use my basket when I go to tutor my students. Baskets are wonderful because I can easily find exactly what I need, but rain and baskets are a horrible mix. This bag can be pulled closed and even washed.

I am a bit smug because I managed to reuse or recycle something that had been useful into a different useful object. It takes a lots of kisses to find the prince, but this time I found a prince.


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