Friday, 5 February 2016

The Lionel Logue Story

I have seen the movie and now I have read the book.
"The King's Speech: How one man saved the British monarchy" is a biography of Lionel Logue written by Mark Logue (Lionel Logue's grandson) and Peter Conradi (a British journalist). The material is drawn from Logue's papers and diaries which had been in storage and not actually valued by the family until the movie was instigated. The photo on the cover of the copy I read is taken from the movie and is not Lionel Logue or King George IV.

The title is a sort of pun, linking several meanings of the word speech. Much of the tale is about the giving of public speeches, some more important than others. The other thread concerns the speech impediment that plagued King George VI. Logue devised a plan that lessened, conquered, the problem.
King George's name was actually Albert Frederick Arthur George and becoming king was his duty although making public speeches was a requirement of his role in his family. Knowledge of recent European history and the social setting of the times helps with understanding the depth of both the problem and the resolution.

Is this book interesting? Yes, to me it is, but probably not so interesting for today's young people. I like social history. I'm a stickybeak who wants to know how people live.
My husband enjoyed this book more, because he like history and is able to link dates and events really well.
Lionel Logue was a talented man who broke new ground and really brought speech therapy into the public eye. He worked hard and had an interesting career. How he created that career in a new field interested me.

Would I recommend this book?
The book is not the same as the movie. The movie makers took parts of Logue's story, wove them together, and created a piece of entertainment. A few facts were manipulated to create something that would appeal to a specific audience.
There is no mystery or intrigue, no deception or magic in this book. Yes, I recommend it to anyone who enjoy a slow and relaxing story. Enjoy the detail. Enjoy the color that it adds to your interpretation of history. Enjoy reading about people who were in the public eye and whose actions influence us even now.
My copy came from my local library. There is no payment or anything like that associated with this book review.

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  1. I've seen the movie but did not even know it was based on a book.


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