Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter 2016

Look at this charming old Easter card with little lambs. Symbols of the Christian religion blended with a sentimental childhood image.

Easter means so many different things in today's world.

For our daughter and her fiancé Easter was the chance to compete in a mountain bike event in Alice Springs. Four days off work makes that quite possible.

Our son is able to spend time with friends in Wollongong.

Our sister-in-law and her group of friends are at the Blues Festival in Byron Bay.

My husband has already spent many hours diligently working on an assignment. He also went to services at the cathedral nearby. Since his sister's death he has felt a strong connection with the religion he grew up with.

I did some fancy cooking when I should have been working on one of my assignments. Yes, the tiramisu tastes wonderful. Thank you Coles for that recipe; it worked perfectly. There is just a bit too much for the two of us though.

The supermarket shelves were quite empty yesterday when I raced down for milk. Today the Easter eggs are being removed from the carousels and the last of the hot cross buns are flying into baskets.

I saw this old newspaper advertisement and wondered what other families are eating this weekend. I don't think this ad would score too many sales this year, do you? I wonder what year that was made. Maybe 1920? 1910? No ham for us. Our Easter feast is goat. I don't know anyone who buys a ham for Easter.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Take me home

Are these resourceful people Granny and Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies of just a couple of residents of Humpty Doo?
Perhaps copycats.
At least the driver will not be guilty of a drink-drive offence.

I have absolutely no idea where this photo really came from. Judging by the shoes and trousers I would say that it does not come from around here. Men do not wear clothes like that. Local ladies who ride in lounge chairs on quads would not wear white laced up shoes either. Far too correct! The trees look a little more temperate too.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


This cartoon would be Aunty Acid I think. Someone, not me, has cropped off the acknowledgement. But it is still funny and still true in my case. Oh, it even looks like me today.
Thank you to the artist. Quite observant.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Embroidery by professionals

Like most people  I like the look of hand embroidered fabric.

Sometimes I wonder who worked so carefully to make it. Was it done at home? For a loved one? As a piece of art? Or was it work?

Here is a short clip of some work being done in the Sankalan Embroidery House in Jaipur in India. The piece featured is a skirt for a wedding.

This embroidery is done so quickly and with incredible precision. I was fascinated, and hope you will be too.

The photo at the left is of a wedding skirt similar to the one being made in the video and is from HERE. I hope you enjoy that site too.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Today's eclipse

This photo is from the site linked below.
Are you looking forward to today's partial eclipse of the sun?

Here in Darwin it should be easy to observe. My friends and I have been concerned that the clouds might obscure our view, or that it might rain and we would see nothing.

Thankfully, it is a lovely sunny day here with just a few clouds. Very light cover.

A local astronomer will be selling special glasses in the Mall and speaking about eclipses. I remember buying those glasses for a similar event when the children were in primary school, and will definitely buy some today.

Here is a link for those who are interested.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day

International Women's Day was always extremely important to my mother. She believed all people were to be treated equally, no matter what. She never believed there was a weaker sex. Hmmm. She also liked being in charge.
This is for Mum.
But it is also for all women.

Even if you are imprisoned, victimised, over-worked, bashed, discriminated against, ignored, politicised, or enslaved in any way somewhere deep inside you is a remnant of the power you were born with. Just find it, even though it may be faded and small. Find your power.

Your own power may not be the same as that of Angela Merkel or Lv Zhi, Clara Schumann or Anne Frank, Virginia Woolf or Oprah Winfrey, but you do have power. Those women were not super-wonderful at everything. You might simply have the power of endurance or the power to think cohesive thoughts. Find it. You are alive for a reason and you are valuable.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Oh no, not avarice

Don't you want to touch it?
Do you like it? Do you want it? Greed? Avarice? Envy?
I wonder if you were brought up to believe that it is sinful to want something? I was. Talk about keeping people in their place!!!

Growing up in the 1950s it was very important to be good, obedient, respectful, and religious in my town. All the children I knew went to church or Sunday school or something similar. We were taught at home, at school, and in the community to honour our parents, never to swear, and not to be jealous or greedy. People did not have a lot of money and to say that you wanted something put pressure on families to provide it. That was considered disrespectful, unfair, and sinful. Nothing like society today! Today children are instructed to make lists of things they want, especially for Christmas and birthdays.
The sewing tools are reflected in the mirror.

So ... I saw these photos and was very very close to being greedy. Yes, I like this object and I would definitely like to own it or something similar. Shame! Horror! Greedy! Wickedness! Bad, bad. This sin used to be called avarice.

Somehow I think that sins do not exist in the religion of today. Or at least they do not have names. Society is now taught to disregard personal feelings of guilt.

This lid of this absolutely beautiful sewing kit is made from a pearl shell 16 cm by 13 cm which is large but not huge. Inside the lid is a mirror. Really this is a small cabinet with the sewing kit in the top and two drawers underneath. The sides and base are engraved gilt. Inside the lining is made of blue silk. Somehow I doubt that this box was ever used at all. It is dated at around 1815 and was possibly made in Paris. (I think it was made in China based on the design on the handles of the scissors.)

And yes, the lovely pieces inside are again something to dream about. The discs are actually the lids of small boxes, the same as many from Palais Royale and so are the thread winder and the needle case. If you look carefully at the crystal bottle you can see a metal object in the middle. That expands to become a tiny telescope, or it could become a sort of microscope. The scissors are like those you can buy from Sajou, except that the Sajou scissors have plastic handles. I think I have seen similar stilettos but that thimble is certainly wonderful.

You can find these photos at Collectors Weekly
I followed some of the links but could not locate a shop, owner, or the name of the person who took the photos.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Indonesian settee

Our old lounge suite was definitely worn out.
Just over a year ago we bought a couple of reclining chairs.
Now we have bought a settee. My husband had been secretly watching this settee in a local shop window for a couple of months. Before we could buy it we needed to get rid of the old furniture. Luckily a young family saw the old Tessa suite as a renovating project. Free for them and freedom for us.
The furniture does not match but rather adds some character to the room. This teak settee was made in Java and is hand carved. Love those flowers. If you look carefully you can see little touches of red and green paint.  Getting it home was a challenge. Very heavy.
Yes, it needs some cushions, but it will always be sufficiently firm that there will be no afternoon naps while sitting there. No bouncing!
Already I have found it excellent as a spot for finishing small sewing projects. Pin cushions, boxes of thread and so forth sit right where I can see them. Light comes from the windows behind.