Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter 2016

Look at this charming old Easter card with little lambs. Symbols of the Christian religion blended with a sentimental childhood image.

Easter means so many different things in today's world.

For our daughter and her fiancé Easter was the chance to compete in a mountain bike event in Alice Springs. Four days off work makes that quite possible.

Our son is able to spend time with friends in Wollongong.

Our sister-in-law and her group of friends are at the Blues Festival in Byron Bay.

My husband has already spent many hours diligently working on an assignment. He also went to services at the cathedral nearby. Since his sister's death he has felt a strong connection with the religion he grew up with.

I did some fancy cooking when I should have been working on one of my assignments. Yes, the tiramisu tastes wonderful. Thank you Coles for that recipe; it worked perfectly. There is just a bit too much for the two of us though.

The supermarket shelves were quite empty yesterday when I raced down for milk. Today the Easter eggs are being removed from the carousels and the last of the hot cross buns are flying into baskets.

I saw this old newspaper advertisement and wondered what other families are eating this weekend. I don't think this ad would score too many sales this year, do you? I wonder what year that was made. Maybe 1920? 1910? No ham for us. Our Easter feast is goat. I don't know anyone who buys a ham for Easter.

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