Friday, 4 March 2016

Indonesian settee

Our old lounge suite was definitely worn out.
Just over a year ago we bought a couple of reclining chairs.
Now we have bought a settee. My husband had been secretly watching this settee in a local shop window for a couple of months. Before we could buy it we needed to get rid of the old furniture. Luckily a young family saw the old Tessa suite as a renovating project. Free for them and freedom for us.
The furniture does not match but rather adds some character to the room. This teak settee was made in Java and is hand carved. Love those flowers. If you look carefully you can see little touches of red and green paint.  Getting it home was a challenge. Very heavy.
Yes, it needs some cushions, but it will always be sufficiently firm that there will be no afternoon naps while sitting there. No bouncing!
Already I have found it excellent as a spot for finishing small sewing projects. Pin cushions, boxes of thread and so forth sit right where I can see them. Light comes from the windows behind.

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