Monday, 25 April 2016

Anzac Weekend

Part of our concert.
It's been a big weekend.

Saturday night my choir gave a concert. We performed Jenkins' "The Armed Man" again and it was well received. Even though we had done the same work last Anzac Day we sold even more tickets this year. Amazing.

Some of the songs in The Armed Man are shocking - especially the ones about animals burning to death. I have to grit my teeth between pieces sometimes.

The slides behind us are of servicemen whose family members now live here in Darwin. You do not realise how many countries were involved until you see the various uniforms. Families at the time had no idea of what war is like. We know more now, but the reality is still hideous.

Today, Anzac Day, we were involved in the Dawn Service at the cenotaph in Bicentennial Park. There was a huge crowd and lots of people standing. Of course it was very moving. People are so supportive now of our Defence Force.
The choir and band were behind this low wall.
You can see on e of the microphones.
Thousands of people.

Many wreaths. Some people prefer to donate a book. Poppies everywhere.

Then there was the absolutely fabulous parade through the city streets.

Two fighters flew over. So small. So fast. So dangerous. Two helicopters flew so close to us that I thought they might clip the top of our building. Such skilled pilots!

The parade was marvellous with three bands. Vehicles for some veterans while others, more able-bodied, marched. So many soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Some of the 2000 US Marines who are here on a rotation also marched. Some horses. Police officers who are veterans marched as a separate group. Cadets. Boy Scouts and Guides. No tanks or those big armoured vehicles. It was just wonderful.

The RSL Club is just a few metres from our building. They certainly enjoyed their 2 Up at lunch time. It sounded like lots of fun.

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