Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dance groups

Darwin is quite multicultural compared to other places of similar size in Australia. On the other hand this is the first place I ever witnessed racial prejudice. And do not think that such prejudice is limited to white Australians towards Indigenous Australians; that is not what I have seen. Yet we all get along well in general. We all get hot and tired at the same time.

There is an active dance sector here, so naturally we have groups continuing the dance traditions of many cultures. You can find some marvellous dance teachers in Darwin, as well as nearby Palmerston and Humpty Doo. Here are some photos from a recent concert. It is only a selection and there are groups from other countries too.


Sri Lanka

Timor Leste

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  1. gosh those costumes are beautiful - that must have been lovely seeing all the different types of dancing.


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