Saturday, 2 April 2016

Wet Season photos of the Top End

One of my friends is standing for Parliament at the next Territory election. Selena is a teacher but has taken the year off to study and to campaign for the position she wants. Selena has been travelling around her electorate meeting the voters and listening to their points of view.

I thought some of you might like to see what she sees. There are a lot of photos here. The region is the north of the NT and all these photos were taken this Wet Season

I have tried to avoid anything that looks like support for any particular political party. Freedom of speech and secret ballot are very important to me. The people remain anonymous, except for Selena.
Sometimes Selena travels by air but usually she drives.
Note the sign about the next service station.
Many places have no mobile phone reception so drivers must be prepared.
Nhulunbuy is a major centre. Would you like to use this road?
Water buffalo are feral and dangerous.

Beautiful scenery. Good road too. The dirt is red because of the bauxite and the iron.
Gapuwiyak church and Lake Evella behind it.

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