Monday, 25 July 2016

Going to need a bigger bookshelf

Probably I'm going to need a bigger bookshelf soon.
Gifts of books are definitely appreciated in our home. I certainly am lucky this time.

I heartily recommend the Ladybird book which I have already read twice. It is for adults, although it is not rude. The topic and style means it most appropriate for those mothers who had a big role in raising their toddlers. I have noticed other titles in this series in shops and they have specific target audiences too.

I enjoy the Father Brown series on television, so the original stories will be a pleasure.

Looks like all housework is on hold for a while.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Beatles in Cabaret

The Darwin Chorale is presenting a cabaret-style show at present. We have 38 performers and 7 band members.
Opening night was last night and for three nights we are blissfully sold out.
I am not performing but I helped a bit with sewing costumes. On show nights I am helping with costume changes.

Teased hair, eyeliner, pink lipstick.
Cute colourful shifts for some of the ladies.
Some of the men wear these bright suits for a couple of songs.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Swans on a sea of green

As we walked around Lake Burley Griffin we saw many water birds. Odile and Odette would have felt at home with the black swans. (Yes, this old tragic could not help but a few steps from Swan Lake.) Some were swimming but most that we saw were on the grass.
These swans were not fazed in the slightest by people nearby. They all had white patches under their wings but I could not manage to snap a photo showing that. Maybe you can see just a peek of white feathers.
I know I have seen black swans in the wild before, but can not remember where.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Visiting Canberra

We are in Canberra for about ten days. It is cold. Most mornings are about -5C. The days are pleasant if there is no wind. So far there has been only one wet morning. No snow, but frost.

Last night we went to a concert. The Canberra Symphony Orchestra played. Rather magnificently actually. Three singers from the Australian Opera sang. Yes, it was fabulous. And it was really good sitting in the second front row. I felt they were singing and playing just for me alone.

One lovely aspect was that before the show started people could have their photo taken playing the timpani. This was a first for both me and my husband. I thought the idea would make a great fundraiser back home - gold coin donation and so forth.