Sunday, 3 July 2016

Visiting Canberra

We are in Canberra for about ten days. It is cold. Most mornings are about -5C. The days are pleasant if there is no wind. So far there has been only one wet morning. No snow, but frost.

Last night we went to a concert. The Canberra Symphony Orchestra played. Rather magnificently actually. Three singers from the Australian Opera sang. Yes, it was fabulous. And it was really good sitting in the second front row. I felt they were singing and playing just for me alone.

One lovely aspect was that before the show started people could have their photo taken playing the timpani. This was a first for both me and my husband. I thought the idea would make a great fundraiser back home - gold coin donation and so forth.


  1. It's a chilly time of year to be in Canberra!

    Spending the evening at a lovely concert was probably far preferable to my evening watching election coverage.


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