Sunday, 7 August 2016

Art Fair

This weekend was the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Events were staged at two venues with a free bus running between the two. Some displays and workshops were at the Museum and everything else was at the Convention Centre.

Fabric artists.
Clothing designers.

It was not OK for members of the general public to take photos inside where the artworks were displayed.
The photo of the workshop where people could learn to do a bark painting is mine. This was taken outside the convention centre. All workshops were free of charge and open to everyone.
The photos taken inside are from a variety of sources, mainly commercial photographers who have put samples on the internet.

Art, specifically indigenous art, is a major industry in the Northern Territory.
The major event of the Art Fair was the Telstra Indigenous Art Award which naturally attracts visual artists from all over Australia. Harold Thomas won this year. He is so well-known and frequently has works in galleries in Darwin. Thomas is tertiary educated and holds degrees in Fine Art and Social Anthropology. Of course, he is most famous for designing the Aboriginal flag.

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