Monday, 29 August 2016

Election happiness

This past weekend was the Northern Territory election. We voted for people to represent us in our Legislative Assembly - we have just one House.

I have mentioned in the past that a friend was running. Well, she won her seat! A landslide victory. Selena worked very hard for seven months visiting as many people as possible, talking, listening, and showing she cares. Her family was very supportive, but Selena was always an excellent candidate. She is an experienced high school teacher, has represented Australia internationally in soccer, and has backpacked around the globe. No teenage pregnancies and waiting for handouts for Selena. Now I'm rather hoping she will be the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

As sometimes happens, another friend also won her seat. I know both women will do the very best they can. Eva is much older but very experienced in the ways of the Public Service. I worked with her a few years ago.

My friend Jenny is excited because three of her past students won seats - and she works in a very underprivileged area. Over a long career, a teacher gets to know thousands of students, but three elected to the same Parliament is pretty good. Jenny must have inspired them with a sense of justice and responsibility.

Our NT election was an easy ticket for the Labor Party. The Country Liberal Party had been bickering and behaving foolishly for quite a while. Now we do not even have enough representatives to form an Opposition. Fortunately, the NT has some excellent Independents, but I doubt they want to join with anyone else. The whole point of being an Independent is to be a one-man band.

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