Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Not really a holiday

I'm back home again after a holiday that wasn't a holiday. Three interesting days. A break in routine.
Sunday lunchtime I fainted. Badly. Ambulance. Hospital. Tests.
Was I heading for a stroke? Should I be taking something to thin the blood? Atrial fibrillation seems to be a real attention grabber in Accident and Emergency.
Accident and Emergency is definitely not fun. Noisy. Busy.

A whole room to myself
Eventually I was given a bed in the coronary care unit. Ooh, that was much, much better. A mobile thing with many wires meant that it was then possible to get out of bed and even ... go to the toilet in private. The thing was measuring my heart I think. Aaah, luxury. More tests. Decent bed. A visit from the cardiac specialist. Much discussion. Good meals.
The final decision was that all would be well enough for the time being.
I'm not planning to have a stroke. I did not have a heart attack. The bruises will heal. Thankful.
Medicare will cover all my hospital expenses. And my private health fund will cover the ambulance trip.
We have a wonderful hospital here and the staff are really kind. I heard them dealing with some very ill patients and the staff were so lovely with them.
I'm going to be burning the midnight oil catching up on a few important tasks left behind, but that is a small price for the help I received.
Be careful. Look after yourself. Stay healthy.


  1. Sorry to hear about your "holiday", and glad it wasn't more serious. Look after yourself!

  2. Ouch! That certainly wasn't much fun but glad that you had such great care. Yes, Look after yourself.


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