Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A new quilt

A new quilt! This is my first attempt at free-form quilting. I have a lot to learn yet, but YouTube is a wonderful teacher.

Some friends have just become great-grandparents. A surprise for the family, but one little error in judgement can cause a lot of confusion in a teenage girl. Our friends were quite upset as they thought they were doing a good job helping to raise a lovely young woman. She was obviously carried away by young love and did not know what to do when the results were not everlasting happiness. Young and naive. Now a very young mother.
Her school has been marvellous and she will resume her studies by doing lots of it on-line. This is a continuation of the procedure during her pregnancy. Her mother, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather are all teachers so she can get extra help from them too.
The baby boy deserve a great future so our family made this quilt. Our family? Yes, without my husband's support cooking, shopping, and putting up with the chaos this task would not have been done. I sewed and Mr Wonderful did everything else.

(I cheated. The patchwork was already stitched, although it was a bit wobbly.)


  1. The quilt is lovely!

    It is nice to hear of the support surrounding the young mother.

  2. You're quilt is so pretty, and it's large enough to bundle up the wee boy for a good long time.
    Once some little removal problems are carried out around here, a low sewing machine table can be installed in the dining area. This is so that the quilting can commence once again. I'm not as tall as once upon a time.


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