Thursday, 8 December 2016

A tree at home

At last, I have assembled and decorated our Christmas tree.

Usually, I become cranky because it seems a big job and I dislike doing it on my own.
This year, we chose to use only part of out tree and the job was smooth and easy.
In the past, we had dogs who chewed decorations. That made life tricky if there were tree lights too.

I know lots of the child-made decorations have been discarded, but there are still many meaningful bits and pieces. There's only one left made by one of our children and I do not even recall which child did it.
Some of the decorations were made by my older sister.
Some are souvenirs of holidays.
The aluminium garlands like tinsel were sent to us when our son was born in 1979. Mum had used that tinsel on our trees when we were children. How glad I am that she saved it. Memories flood my mind every year when we use it. Thank you, Mum.

A few parcels have been wrapped already. More to come.

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  1. I need to do mine! I keep putting it off too.


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