Saturday, 24 December 2016


One of my students surprised me with a gift of two very pretty Christmas decorations. They are made with feathers. Next year they might go on the tree, but this year I placed them where we could enjoy them more.
This butterfly is about 12 cm across. There is a clip underneath.

The bird is about 15 cm across. It is turned so you can see both the face and the tail.
I sat it on a glass plate with a bead garland so it could balance.

The earth tremor the other day has definitely caused a little permanent movement in our building. Our bedroom door does not shut now, although it did before. I wonder what the insurance company will do about that.

We are buffeted by strong winds during cyclones and so forth. (The higher you are, the stronger the wind.) This causes little cracks to open in the concrete and let water in. Tall buildings like ours are constructed in modules like Lego and then the pieces are joined. One particularly wet year the water ran down the wall under the paint. Engineers inspected and the insurance company sighed heavily. People came with ropes and harnesses, the relevant glues, and lots of skill.

So ... maybe another tremor will come along and change things again. We will calmly wait until the Wet Season has finished.

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