Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Earth tremor

We had a significant earth tremor this morning.
The quake was 278km ENE of Dili and registered 6.7 on the scale.
The tremor lasted about two minutes at our place.
The building shook and I could hear it cracking. The furniture really swayed.
Other people reported feeling and hearing the tremor all around the city.
This picture is from the US Geological Survey site, a brilliant source of information.
The local TV station posted this second picture on social media. I have no idea where they found it.


  1. That map posted without attribution by your local TV station looks like it is from Geoscience Australia.

    1. Thank you. I will do my best to remember that website for future occasions.

  2. And I forgot to say, hearing the building cracking sounds quite scary!

  3. Oh no. I hope for you that there was no serious damage to your house?? (Being able to hear the building cracking sounds worrying...)

  4. Urgh. I would be feeling a bit icky if that had happened here.


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