Saturday, 3 December 2016

Peking Opera

This week we went to a performance of Peking opera.
In the past, we had a local group who used to do Cantonese opera. This time it was a professional company, the Jungju Theatre Company of Beijing.

Wow! The bookings were so heavy that two extra performances were scheduled. The audience loved it. I loved it. Wonderful.

The show we saw was One Good Turn Deserves Another. Subtitles were shown on the side walls of the theatre, using a powerpoint presentation. The translations were short, but the ideas were conveyed well.
The costumes were just beautiful. There was a simple display of some costumes in the foyer and I managed to capture a little of the finery. Lovely embroidered silk.

Amazing headdresses. Bling.

Terrific makeup.

Although the compere described the props as simple and bare, they were still excellent.

And the voices! Spectacular.

I'm guessing that a lot of this cultural history was lost during the Cultural Revolution, but I am so glad it is being revived.

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